CSAT-Civil Service Apptitude Test

General Information

CSAT is an objective type test. There are 4 divisions, viz., Quantitative aptitude, Verbal aptitude, Decision Making and Interpersonal skills. There are 80 questions totally and each question is followed by four answer choices. Out of 80, 72 questions tests quantitative and verbal aptitude and the remaining 8 questions tests decision making ability and interpersonal skills. There is negative marking for every wrong answer.

It is significant to note that the last 8 questions do not have negative marking i.e. the questions which test decision making and interpersonal skills.

Myth Reality
Since UPSC has stated CSAT’s questions is of 10th standard, test aspirants mistake CSAT as an very easy exam Had CSAT been very simple, negative marking would have been ineffective and thereby allowing everyone to score more.
CSAT can be scored easily without much preparation as it tests ordinary mathematics and simple English Hardly 15000 have cleared prelims against 7 lakh aspirants who wrote it in 2015.

Enrich & Excell’s CSAT Course

Program Highlights:

• The most strategic and highly competent team which predicted 48 out of 80 questions in CSAT 2012

• Training inputs are exclusively shortcut –based on all sections – Quantitative, Verbal , Decision Making and Interpersonal Skills

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